The Zebra Who Lost Its Spots is a modern day fable about love, courage and difference and how complete freaking nutters get to rule the world. Written by best-selling author, Gretel Killeen, this work was commenced shortly after the election of Donald Trump in the USA, written during the ongoing struggle for the rights of asylum seekers, and completed shortly after the Australian survey on marriage equality which ultimately led to the nation’s  legalisation of Same Sex marriage.


Written for both the young and wizened the fable works on several levels. Optimistically poetic and politically prophetic it is the story of Zeb the spotted zebra. Born into a society of conservatism and prejudice, her striped family must choose between their comfort and security, and her life. Blessed with an interim solution the family successfully disguises Zeb's difference until circumstances force their hand. What follows is at once a delightful tale, an extraordinary insight into the evolution of persecution and a message of hope with bad drawings. The Zebra Who Lost Its Spots is funny, profound and a little bloody frightening in its truth and prophecy.

Copyright Gretel Killeen 2020